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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking or Registration

We do not require you to book ahead, simple turn up on the night. Cash or card accepted at the door.

No Partner Required

We rotate partners during the class so you do not need to come with someone. Rotating partners is wonderful for meeting new people and improves your dancing much quicker as you experience different leads and follows. Swing and rock'n'roll are highly social activities so coming alone is totally fine.


Drop in/pay per class

$20 per person per night

Intermediate dancers get beginners for free

Class passes 

5 Class pass - $90

10 Class Pass - $180 

Each circle on the pass represents $20 

The class passes can also be used for social events which we will host regularly.

Cash or card is accepted at the door - no need to book ahead

Dress code

Wear something comfortable that you are able to move around in freely. Shoes with minimal grip are easier to dance in.

Water bottle

Please bring your own water bottle.


The Beginners classes are suitable for beginners or intermediates looking to brush up on their basics. Beginners runs on a 4 week cycle starting at the beginning of the month. There are 4 cycles (months) focusing on different patterns for beginners to work through before progressing to Intermediate.

We recommend absolute beginners starting in the first week of the month as we will go through the basics nice and slow, if you have danced before you're welcome to join beginners in any week.

Intermediate is suitable for those who have mastered their basics, understand and can switch between 6 beat and 8 beat and have attended at least 4 months of beginner classes as well as a few social dances. Please discuss moving up from beginners to intermediate with your teachers. 

Sickness & Covid

If you feel unwell please do not attend class. If you test positive after a class please notify us so we can inform the other students to exercise caution to limit the spread within the dance community. 

If you have any further questions please contact Siobhan at

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor

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