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Safe Spaces

Creating a safe happy place

The Jitterbug Club is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. To achieve this, we ask you to please abide by the following code of conduct during any of our classes and social events. All attendees, instructors, staff, and volunteers at any Jitterbug Club class or event are required to comply with the following code of conduct.


We reserve the right to handle any violations of this code of conduct as we deem necessary, which may include ejection from the class or event without a refund. We also reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason.

Help us build an amazing and creative community full of life, happiness and most importantly incredible dancing.


Asking for help

Whether you simply feel uncomfortable and would like to know how to handle a situation (for example someone dips you more than you like or provides unsolicited advice) or you experience or witness something more inappropriate, please talk to someone about it. Our crew are happy to help. Depending on the severity, our interventions in response to a problem may range from talking to the offending person and asking them to do or not do something, to asking them to leave the venue immediately without warning, compensation or refund, or local law enforcement may be called for assistance. Those conversations or actions may take place in private if that seems appropriate to the situation. If you see additional problems after you or someone else spoke with us initially, we’d like to hear about them too.

Who to contact

At the class or event find an organiser, teacher or volunteer. If you would like to speak with Siobhan (The Owner of The Jitterbug Club) and she isn’t at the class or event please call 0432 589 099 or email 

Whatever means of communication you choose, we will listen to you and work with you to determine the best course of action for the safety and well being of yourself and all other participants.

The Code of Conduct

Treat others with respect

We must, as a community, strive to be friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental and inclusive of all people who wish to participate in swing dancing. We want everyone to feel comfortable regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other personal circumstance.

We do not tolerate harassment or threats of any kind. Any situation which makes another person feel unsafe or uncomfortable to the point of being unable to enjoy the event is unacceptable and can be considered harassment. If you harass or threaten someone, you may be asked to leave.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Any rude/racist/prejudice comments will not be tolerated. 

Ask and respond respectively

It’s okay to say no when someone asks you to dance, please just do it politely and respectfully. Usually people happily accept an invitation to dance, but it is also okay to say “no.” If you are turned down for a dance, please respect that decision, don’t take it personally, they have their reasons, and find someone else to dance with instead. If at any point in a dance you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can tell your partner that you are uncomfortable, ask for any adjustments you need, or stop the dance before the song ends without explanation. Requests for your own safety and comfort are respectful of your partner as your ally in creating fun for everyone, and are not the same as offering someone unsolicited feedback on their dance skills (which is generally considered rude). If you are often the recipient of these kinds of requests for adjustments and often turned down for a dance, you should consider reaching out to a teacher or trusted ally for help as you may be making your dance partners uncomfortable or hurting them unknowingly, we are happy to help and will not judge you for your mistakes.

Understand boundaries and do not harass anyone

You might be interested in a fellow dancer but they may not feel the same way about you. Respect that. Do not harass anyone sexually, physically or emotionally. This applies to everything from close dance holds to moves like dips, flirty conversations or just agreeing to dance. If you aren’t sure of someone’s boundaries, or can’t tell from their nonverbal cues, then ask them. If you misjudge, and they ask you to stop, either verbally or nonverbally (such as with a facial expression or a body language cue), then stop.

Strictly no lifts, airsteps or big dips on the social floor
Help keep each other safe 

If you bump into someone, apologize. If you hurt someone, apologize, and also try to figure out how you can keep it from happening again. 

We all love trying new dance patterns and movements, but be mindful of the inherent risk of injury. Any movement that increases the danger of hurting your partner (or other dancers) makes for unsafe dancing.

Avoid forceful movements that could cause an injury by yanking or jerking your partner, or making your partner move before they are ready. Avoid lifts, drops, or other dramatic weight-supported moves that your partner may not be prepared for. (For example, don’t suddenly throw yourself or your partner into a dip.) You never know when someone might be nursing a tender shoulder, bad back, or cranky hip. You also don’t know when your “tricks” could accidentally cause those issues for someone.

Be mindful of other dancers around you to avoid accidental collisions and potential injuries. Be especially careful when the dance floor gets crowded.

If anyone near you falls or is injured, please offer immediate assistance and check if they are okay. If you see that someone needs medical attention, contact a member of our staff immediately, or in an emergency call 000.


Please remember that alcohol and other substances can make it harder to judge boundaries accurately; please be mindful of your limits so that you can be mindful of others. If you act up in a disorderly manner, or put other dancers at risk, you will be asked to leave.

Let us know about any violations of the code of conduct.

If you, or someone you know, have been made to feel uncomfortable by the actions of anyone at The Jitterbug Club (student, teacher, volunteer, musician etc.) please let us know. We will ensure that your confidentiality is upheld and take the appropriate steps to deal with the situation. We will support you.

To report something get in touch with your teacher or another staff member at your class or event or call Siobhan 0432 589 099 email

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